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Treatment time is 75 minutes for adults and 45 minutes for children.

Current price for 75 minutes appointment is £55.00. Under 16 years age appointment price is £25.00.

This is a very gentle hands-on energy healing therapy, which was recognised by Osteopaths in the early 1900’s.

Cranio-Sacral therapy helps to improve the whole body’s function and aims to bring balance and release impactions in the body. It can be utilised for both emotional (psychological) and physical conditions.

The Cranio-Sacral system consists of the bones of the Skull (Cranium) and Spine and base of Spine (Sacrum). The Dural membrane as the outer layer encloses these areas and this protects the Brain and Spinal Cord with Cerebrospinal fluid. The Cranio-Sacral rhythm permeates the whole body and can be perceived through the above areas.

Amanda, who is trained in Cranio-Sacral therapy, will work with the Cranio-Sacral rhythm to reflect back an impaction and thereby release it from the client. The therapist will not force a reaction and Cranio-Sacral therapy is safe for all ages, from very young infants to elderly clients. Amanda also offers Equine and Canine Cranio-Sacral Therapy, please contact her direct.

The client is treated lying down and remains fully clothed.


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